sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2014


What is love? Real love

Love is not what you think about it

LOve is facts. Nothing that you think about love matters, those are thoughts, not love

And love is not a thought. Love is facts. It is continuous facts, everyday, everyhour, everyminute, everymoment

Besides, all love is real, the only thing that change or should change is "intensity"
So we could measure "our love"
We MUST measure our love ALWAYS !!!

The other is Romantic love, that one only exits in your mind or in the mind who is thinking about it

Thinking what he-she is feeling not feeling it first
Creating the feeling with his-her thoughts

Thats not real
Thats only your THOUGHT block inside your mind
and all we know: thoughts are thoughts and mostly of time are not real

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